Experience. Share. Repeat.

Through my endeavors as a photographer, artist, and scientist, the most important thing I have learned is the power of the creative process. I don’t believe that creativity is some mystical talent or something with which only a lucky few are born. Instead, I believe you can improve your creative abilities through effort and practice. Yes, everyone can be creative. Dictionary.com defines creativity as, “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships…and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.” I love that definition. “The ability to transcend traditional ideas…to create meaningful interpretations.” That is why I thrive on creativity and, by trying to apply it to all aspects of my life, I have found that I have a more complete life. I take a holistic view of this. I’m not just a photographer, or and artist, or a scientist. I consider myself a creative person who also happens to be a photographer, artist, and scientist. And you know what? By believing that, it actually happens!

I’ve met some amazing people through photography, art, and science. I know some dedicated and successful members of each community. Sometimes I’m so awestruck by the intelligence and talent of these people that I wonder, “what am I doing in their presence??” But I learn something from all of them and I’ve also been fortunate to have many mentors and influences from some of the best photographers, artists, and scientists in the world. This is humbling and inspiring at the same time and I hope I can somehow “pay forward” the positive influences I have encountered in my life. Hopefully, this website will help me do just that!


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